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Expertise and Innovation

Backed by over 30 years of experience in electronic design and electronic research and development, Dendera Partners LLC understands what goes into developing a functional and manufacturable product.

Dendera Partners is an electronic engineering consultancy dedicated to electronic research and development. We design and develop viable and successful electronic products. We have a special interest in realizing innovative product ideas.

Our electronic engineering consultants offer expertise in analog design, digital design, laser technology, microcontroller design, optical product counters, pro audio design, programming, and system architecture.

Dendera Partners is proud to be an authorized Microchip Design Partner consultant.

Engineer and Client Collaboration

Electronic product development is a cooperative venture. If the outcome is to truly reflect the vision that the client brings into the process, then he or she must be prepared to participate in every step.

But this is not the only reason that we call ourselves Dendera Partners. Our team of electronic engineering consultants seeks to expand the collaborative aspects of the electronic product design process to include a network of creative associates whose skills and talents complement those of our staff. Whatever direction your concept takes us, we have the resources available to harness the most appropriate technology to bring your ideas to realization.